Best dedicated server host for Garry's Mod?

I was wondering what is the best dedicated server host for Garry’s Mod? (5+ gameservers hosted on 1 machine) I was looking into ovh, but I hear mixed stories.

Depending on where you live, lets say UK, you could go with they have great protection.
In the US i’d recommend they have solid support and hardware.

Can’t say I’ve heard of ProtectedHosting before but their site seems to be littered with ineligible sentences and typos, seems pretty sketchy imo

It also just seems like they’re reselling from Hydra Communications Ltd (Nitrous-Networks).

EDIT: And a copy pasted ToS as well, nice.

Hmm I have to agree with Adzter on this one.

Use caution before going with shady hosts like that one.

Thanks for pointing those out, I’ll be sure to have them clarified and improved soon.

We’re relatively new in the market ( Been around for about 5 months now ) so that’s most likely why you haven’t heard of us.

We are reselling from Hydra Comms currently and looking to colocate soon - but we aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill reseller. We come geared with layer 7 filters, and pps triggers to tighten up some holes in Voxility.

Voxility is great for layer 4 floods, boasting a maximum capacity of 500-600Gbps, while their layer 7 filtering ( Attacks like VSE ) aren’t mitigated well at all.

We have faster and more involved support which can be through Steam chat, too - if you’d like to see any servers we currently manage here are two that average with 60 players a day

If you want some reviews you can find them here.

Otherwise though, wish you the best of luck in finding a reliable host even if you don’t go with us.


Thanks for clarifying.

I like that there is a Source Optimized Dedi. Nice touch. I believe that Zare is also a reseller.

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I used to use Datasoft Networks because they were cheap and pretty good. But no UK servers. Some of there dedi’s started to run slow so I stopped using them and moved to a VPS that actually runs better at

Zare isn’t a reseller. It’s actually owned by Hydra Comm :stuck_out_tongue:

K… I’m looking for Canada/USA coverage… Nfoserver’s dedicated servers seem a bit expensive for my needs.

Hello Texas,

We should be able to fit your needs location wise and your budget. The hardware that we are able to provide is the best currently available (i7 4790k [don’t knock it until you try it]) and should be able to allow you to host 4 90+ Player slot GMod servers without any issues (hyper-threading off). Of course if you don’t want to host 90 players on each server, you can add more and more servers just fine.

Pricing wise, it will be below 150 USD with DDoS protection that no other host can currently match (no, not even NFO).

We offer custom perks that not even our provider (OVH) cannot match like our custom routing, DDoS protection (obvious one), priority support, custom IP geo-location, custom IP branding and optimized IP routing for your specific target location.

Let me know if you’re interested. The physical location is Montreal (Canada) with default optimized routing specifically for NYC (9-18 ms depending on ISP).

Thanks a lot!