Best Dedicated Server Host with good ddos protection

Hello, so bassically i have a sever that has 50/50 all the time and its been getting DDOssed. I need a a host who sells a dedicated server with EXTREMELY good ddos proteciton. Post below.

SoYouStart has decent DDoS protection (Basic OVH protection), also they released a game series recently:

If you have a smaller budget (Don’t go below the KS-3), it has the same protection as SoYouStart (Basic OVH protection):

Now I would highly recommend OVH enterprise servers, they have really good DDoS protection (Pro OVH protection):

Just like above, go with OVH Dedicated servers, they are absolutely well priced, and offer 3Tbps Active Mitigation DDoS protection, I’ve been attacked before, didn’t even realise until I got the e-mail through saying that I was.

Absolutely perfect.

hetzner is also a good company to host with along side OVH (personally i use OVH for my business - just because of the ease of control panel)

also Zero its 480GBit/s. But If your on the top OVH system and pay for private firewalls you can get up to 3tb/s however stock is 480.

Why not rent from a hosting company might be cheaper?

Hetzner for ddos protected, haha. They nullroute you the second you get a 1000 mbit/s attack…

That’s probably the main reason I have stayed away from Hetzner.

Anyone tried SoYouStart’s game servers?

They apparently have layer7 protections written in to the firewalls, stops a2sinfo attacks.

Not tried it myself though.

soyoustart only gets ovhs basic protection. It’s not bad but ovh would be a better idea

So everyone recommending OVH/SoYouStart does realize that the company is in a massive amount of debt and unless something changes soon / they get a loan extension then this will be a very interesting year for them correct?

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But with that being said yes OVH has decent DDoS protection.

I’m pretty sure the only difference is permanent mitigation.

Ah, wave problems LTE & WI-FI. Cause no money, ha, ha, ha…

True, but the protection with SoYouStart / Kimsufi only activates when it detects an attack, which from my experience, can take as long as 2 minutes, resulting in the server lagging or crashing in that period of time.

So the permanent mitigation is seriously needed for something such as a GMod server.

Also, SoYouStart did just realease there GAME servers, they supposedly have a speical type of protection, as well as having some sort of support for Garry’s Mod.

Exactly. I’ve tried SYS which was pretty shitty when attacked compared to their enterprise dedis, that’s why I asked about their game servers which could be different?

If you’re looking for DDoS protection, NFO is pretty good, i’ve had their servers for about 8 months now and have only been DDoS’d effectively once.

Elpis host has awful protection, but their servers are nice


Choopa has a sweet deal for dedicated servers and packet protection. They’re located in NJ, USA.

If you were to go with someone like SYS or OVH, be prepared for the whole ‘Prove who you are’ (ID, bills etc).
I’ve had a VPS with them and had to send them 2 pieces of identification to be approved.

Of course - this is a good thing to have in place but just giving you the heads up!