Best Dedicated Server Host?

Hello, I’m looking to buy a dedicated server that is preferably hosted in the UK.
I want at least 4gb of ram and an i5 processor.
I’m thinking of hosting a website and two 32 slot Gmod servers on them…

I can’t seem to find any hosts that are in the UK… Got any suggestions?


What’s your budget?

For the UK: (Both are in the same datacenter from my understanding, but different people operates them) (Owned by the same company that owns, they run their servers on Zare)

For France (not a big ping difference and much cheaper) (All hosts below are owned by OVH.) (Low budget, I don’t really recommend using this host for gmod.)
or (Medium budget)
or (High budget, but better performance than the UK ones, and more professional features such as raid, auto back up and more. SoYouStart also got all this.)

Good luck!
Tell me if you have any questions, I will help you out!

Regarding - What is their DDoS protection like? Does it protect application-based attacks already without and any firewall editing? Also, would it be worth me going full out if I just wanted two fairly large DarkRP servers and a Team speak server hosted on it? Also, what is the difference between this and Kimsufi?


the SYS or OVH GAME dedis ~should~ protect you from application stuff (i don’t know about gmod specifically but it should do protection for srcds in general), but not the base ones, and kimsufi as long as you get i5 or above is okay for gmod, but theres basically zero support other than hardware failures, NFO VDSes are fairly decent and you get dedicated cores to your VM (but still on a virtualized platform so it’s never gonna be as good as a real dedi) so if you’re looking for a budget option that’s still fairly solid you should try them out or at least consider them imo, while they aren’t technically a ddos protected host, they’ll still have your back for smaller attacks & can help filter very specific, common game application attacks

when it comes to SYS vs OVH (if you’re comparing the GAME protection from both) OVH gives you a lot more control over the protection and server, where as SYS’s control panel is somewhat limited, in OVH’s for example you could turn protection fully on rather than automatic if you know you’re under attack for example, just generally having the flexibility is nice but the price jump from SYS to OVH is pretty big