Best driving maps besides big city?

I’m looking for some good maps to just drive around in, in gmod.
Besides big city what are a few of your favorites?

There’s always mario_kart from TF2.

EDIT: And some guy made that block fort battle stage.

If you’re looking to race, there is that drag race track that’s pretty cool.

Otherwise the only one I can think of is big city.

yeah there in lies the conundrum.
I’m looking for a wide open map mixed with city elements and or ep2 forest ones to drive through (maybe desert as well)

the only one that comes close is gm_white_forest_raceway and that has loading object problems and is too small.

Mabye evocity, or freespace (fix for freespace here.). They have roads and are city-themed.


I dont know evocity seems way too big and freespace is too train oriented, thanks anyways.

Gm_downtown (no, not the rp map) is a huge city map. Very good for driving around or sniping stuff.
Also, theres a huge racetrack on Gm_Mobenix_v3. It goes through woods and caves and you can have AI rivals.


Flatgrass. Use your imagination!

Well if your making a movie or something, use the real HL2 maps, they provide great landscape and good driving conditions

However, you’ve got scripted events and NPCs to muck up the fun.

I have seen Machinima’s where they use the same maps and those NPC’s (enemies) usually are taken out, prime example, Vin Diesel in the Death Proof car in the parody production, “Escape From Garrys Mod” so couldn’t the same be done here for racing? I have played on some build servers using HL2 story maps in Gmod where after the map loading, the enemy npc’s are disabled.

I also have played on race maps with NPC’s getting in cars and driving, and they purposely have enemies on track maps, and the NPC’s will just run them over with their cars. Don’t ask me how that is scripted, but the ability is in the Source engine, the map proves it. Source:

Personally I like running enemies over in races myself, rather then playing with guns. Otherwise, I just play on Gm Racer maps all the time. When you play those servers, you know their are some interesting and maybe long race maps. Gm_Highway is kind of a long map.

Build a race track in gm_flatgrass. I suggest using plastic tiles from PHX3.

Just an update, I found what I was looking for at fpsbanna, a map called topical_fever.

mind you it needs less tunnel roads and more roads on the coast but other than that its pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

and another map he made simply called countryside.

Try GM_Drivingmap! I love it!

I made that. (Still being made) And its pretty much a long, long road and lots of displacement. Its not huge but its fun to go around the bumps of displacement with a jeep.

Just do what I do to the Hunters: Run. Them. Over.


driving map is just too artifical feeling for me and its got a really dull color palate compaired to tropic panic and freespace revolution.