Best excuses to block the player.

On a road-flaming ruins of a crashed combine helicopter
Anywhere sandy-ocean/river
Urban-big chunks that look like they used to belong to a building
Desert-fence with nothingness behind it.

Post your best excuses to not let the player go beyond map boundaries.

Giant Dev Textured Walls.

Under construction sign?

A Skybox.

Locked doors, walls, any type of crashed vehicle.

Or a big ‘STOP’ sign and a wall of player clip.


Firing squad.

Some kind of military blockade complete witharmy trucks and police cars.

Be inspired by Left 4 Dead 2 and use crashed vehicles

Or “Twen’y miles a’ parked cars…”

A giant picture of David Bowie with rape in his eyes.

Cliffs. A little more elegant than a wall.

Be imaginative.
If you want to block the end of a tunnel, and your map takes place in the half life 2 area of time, then block the tunnel with something like a crashed fuel tanker


a mine field!!! with barbed wire with signs saying “Mines Ahead!” Than when they go to far they start blowing up and hurting him :smiley:

Fire, Or epic amounts of radioative shit

**Leaches, they always get me.

Waist high fences.

Mine fields.

a combine wall will a dispacment.