Best experiences in Rust

Hey All,

I searched through the forums and didn’t find any threads where folks could share some of their in-game experiences, so I thought I’d start one.

Today I had one of my best experiences, because I met up with another player who DIDN’T kill me on sight! Poetry, if you’re out there, I look forward to playing with you more!

I was running around scavenging resources when I came across another player. Minutes earlier, I had encountered other players, and it didn’t end well - I saw one dude murder someone else, so I started shooting at him, but he tracked me down and hatcheted my face. Needless to say, I was a bit wary when I came across another soul…

However, Poetry pulled out a flare, we jumped and ducked a few times to establish no threat, and then we went about our own independent business. That is, until we heard shots fired. We immediately sought cover, leading him to my home that I had been working on. Poetry began starting his own house nearby with a better vantage point to be lookout, and our friendship was established.

The next day, I returned to my scavenging. I came across another player scavenging again, and didn’t let my guard down. As dusk began to fall, I headed back to my house…and discovered that I was being followed! He snuck up on me and sliced me up pretty good, but I was still alive and started shooting. My 9mm lit up the night as I shot wildly, trying to catch a glimpse of my pursuer. I made it back to my house, closed and locked the door, and hunkered down. Then, Poetry got on general chat to say that he’d just killed someone. In the confusion, he didn’t know who to attack; luckily, he chose correctly and the villain was slain.

This has captured to pure adrenaline rush I last received from Day Z when it was just being discovered, the amazing feeling on comraderie when you find another friendly player, and the amazing potential we now have of cooperating and establishing a settlement. Rust opens the door even more, though, with homes that enhance the feeling of danger, since there’s an actual chance for survival!

What I would request from the developers is an option to grant permission for doors to other players to establish group housing. Just imagine the gameplay possibilities - establishing a cover and earning trust, and then deciding to continue working together or steal all of the group’s stuff and hit the road. Amazing!

A friendly group of people who started a small camp of friendlies. Still doing it now :slight_smile:

My small room for getting wood while staying warm.

Hey, I saw Ophidion online while all this was happening! I’ll try to PM next time I’m on to maybe meet up!

Does the tree ever run out of wood?

I think it might be unlimited but very nice story you have there

Unlimited. Wood piles are much better for wood though. New pictures:

I’ve been part of the friendly camp jackool mentioned for the last two days. We’ve had a pretty good time working together and fighting off raiders and hackers (I tend to get lucky and headshot them, none today but yesterday went well). I’d say we’ve got the closest thing Rust has ever seen to a genuine village.

Before that, my first friendly encounter was with a guy who lived in a two-story tower and let me have the unused first floor. After some time his somewhat-far-away neighbor allied with us and moved nearby, and we wound up making a fence out of doors around the two houses with a shared area between them.

I feel fantastic.

I’m I guess the, “founder” of this little village along with a few friends. And it’s great seeing more, and more players come up here, set up camp, and survive with us rather than against. There are safety in numbers and numbers is what we have.

good work. :slight_smile:

I once built siege equipment using 3 wood foundations, 3 ramps. I lit camp fires around a hangar that had been barricaded entirely by a person using many doors, and many barricades-- the windows weren’t covered however, so once I had deployed the ramps and lit the fires, all his base are belong to us. This was shortly after a reset, and 400 players were wandering about-- a few weeks ago.

Yeah I went over there and y’all murdered me. So now I live quietly by the coast.

Sorry, we were under a lockdown because of a hacker. </3

lol pretty nice mm if I get my hands on a key Ill make my house and make a tree be in the wall and just afk spam the tree :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yeah that was the village Rovar and I made together(I’m froggeth in-game), it went from me housing another friendly to a bunch of settlers building and prospering into a pretty successful camp. Before I logged I had a pretty nice 4 story home that housed around 3 other people and everyone else had small houses in a central plaza-like area.

haha nice

Had a blast playing last night in our little “town.” Was thinking it’d be really awesome to incorporate a system like Towny from minecraft multiplayer. Establish towns, have a mayor, grant plots of land, defend against raiders, etc.

Actually kinda hoping for a wipe- the house using environmental structures is awesome, but not many resources nearby…

Place got severely raided overnight. Mainly speedhackers and exploiters that could actually do anything, been up all night. Got to see a car driven that almost ran over me.

Here’s some images I got last night before everything kinda’ went to hell.
The entire night is on my stream.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for, dayz hasn’t been the same for a good while now

Your story is my my light in the end of the tunnel, you brought hope.

That sucks… I guess that’s the downside of grouping - it’s such an attractive target for griefers. Dunno about a solution… It’s not fair to make towns completely invulnerable, but also sucks away fun having things griefed. Once hacking is fixed that should take care of most things. Automated defenses would help, I think, since it takes so long to destroy stuff. Raiders would have to seek weaknesses in defense and attack there, but it’d be a slow process so everything wouldn’t be completed f’ed when you get back on.

It’s a shame…

We can’t be on 24/7 to defend, so I guess we have to do what we can with what we have…