Best Extensive Tutorials

Hello everyone.

I have been using Lua for a long time, and have intermediate knowledge of the language, but I have yet to find a thorough, extensive tutorial for GMod scripting. How did all of you learn? Did any of you use YouTube? An E-book?

Any help is appreciated,
Typo Kign

Here’s what (I) mostly use:
The wiki (useful for checking how functions work/what args to put in them)

The old, oudated GMod 12 wiki, still useful for better examples than the new wiki and better tutorials

If you want to learn gamemode coding via YouTube (how I learned) try Goature or MrCosmicSeagull

When you run into problems, you can either make a thread in this section or post it in Problems That Don’t Need Their Own Thread

Also, Acecool tutors GMod lua.

Facepunch help and wiki code snippets.

When in doubt, throw it in lua/autorun and see what happens

Garry’s Mod lua is exactly like regular lua except with extra bindings. The best way to learn in my opinion is to look at the github and see how sandbox or ttt does things and learn from the already written code. The wiki also has plenty of code snippets as well. Just make sure to learn through trial and error before running off to the forums for help.

EDIT: Also I’ll save you the trouble Acecool :v: