Best folder structure for a menu?

Ive been experimenting with menu’s and such and the folder structures and im wondering whats the best folder structure to make an motd or menu.
I used to just use addonname/lua/autorun and addonname/lua/autorun/client and addonname/lua/autorun/server but im wondering if i could just stick to shared realms and use
if (SERVER) and if (CLIENT). so addonname/lua/autorun/cl_menu.lua
And the rest etc.
would that work? (also AddCSLua the files too)

lua/autorun/addonname.lua -- shared file (can also be used as serverside only)
lua/autorun/cl_addonname.lua -- client file
lua/autorun/sv_addonname.lua -- server file

lua/autorun/client/addonname.lua -- client file
lua/autorun/server/addonname.lua -- server file

If you have bigger addon then use the above structure just for initiation of your addon, you shouldn’t have more than 3 files of your addon in autorun folder. And don’t use generic names like sh_config.lua, init.lua in autorun folder because it will conflict with different addons that have similar structure. All other files of your addon should be located at lua/addonname/

the main files of your addon

lua/addonname/addonname.lua -- shared (can also be used as serverside only)
lua/addonname/cl_addonname.lua -- client
lua/addonname/sv_addonname.lua -- server

lua/addonname/init.lua -- shared (can also be used as serverside only)
lua/addonname/cl_init.lua -- client
lua/addonname/sv_init.lua -- server

there’s the other few file names

lua/addonname/motd/cl_motd.lua -- if your addon has different parts, you can organize them in folders.
lua/addonname/sh_config.lua -- config file of your addon

This is what I would use when making an addon, not sure if it’s the most accepted structure.