Best free gamemode to use for futuristic RP?

Hello Facepunch. I am going to make a futuristic RP server, how ever I don’t know any other free gamemodes than DarkRP. And I don’t have enough Lua knowledge to code one myself.

So what gamemode would be the best fitting for such a server?

DarkRP with futuristic jobs.

Other than DarkRP? Lol. I just want to know if there is any other gamemodes than DarkRP that will fit for a gamemode like this.

Tiramisu, or a fixed version of Cakescript (Which is available actually) or Tacoscript 1

Use OpenAura … Its Free now. Base 1.13 Standalone.7z Cider Two.7z Half-Life 2 RP.7z New Vegas.7z Phase Four.7z Severance.7z Base 1.13 Standalone.7z Cider Two.7z Half-Life 2 RP.7z Severance.7z Phase Four.7z New Vegas.7z

I got the links from ~alex aka

Alex Grist
Security Engineer for Cloud 16.

Just wait for clockwork to release.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

I will be using this.

But this is for People that don’t want to pay 215$$$ for them. Just use OA for now…

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And your wellcome

How about STALKER RP? In the game itself you’re put in the Post apocalyptic Chernobyl, 20 years after the Nuclear Accident? Heres a link. The Facepunch link in the Description doesent work.

That gamemode is way outdated.