Best game server host?

What do you guys think is the Best game server host?

with No lag, no crashes, low pings and good performance.

Impossible to have all of those things, maybe except for the ping and performance.

But I do recommend and

i just bought a test server from bbservers …

do they have low ping and like no lag?

I’m pretty sure they do, they’re dedicated about good quality and customer service. I’m pretty sure they host the garry’s mod servers; sites, etc.

As far as I know is hosted at MediaTemple and is at SoftLayer.

BBServers hosts the gmod bugtracker.

ok bbservers sucked … any other good ones that i could buy from? is excellent, you won’t regret it.

Just bought a virtual server from NFO, working brilliantly. Little to no lag on the server I have up, even when other apps are running.

You leased a server from us, complained an hour later there was lag. We checked your server out (I went on it myself and there were no issues) and it was fine. You kept demanding a refund so we gave you it. So please don’t say we suck (unless there was an issue we missed)

I’m looking for a great GSP that has servers in Europe. Currently looking at Gaming Deluxe, but I’m not convinced yet.

He probably thinks him having a shit ISP is the server provider’s fault.

I have more to report on Gaming Deluxe. I rented a server (16 slots, fairly cheap) and tried it out. Great starting ping at around 37-45, but when we mess around with physics, it lags horribly. I attached a few ragdolls to ropes and sent them up in a balloon, this caused it to go to almost 240 in the blink of an eye.

Bioservers is out of gameservers which is why I went with Gaming Deluxe, to try them out, they are fairly unknown to FP. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I just received word that my server was automatically placed by their system, but that they are moving me to a more powerful box. I’ll get back with more info asap.

Edit 2
Much better now that they moved me to a new server, the ping rose to around 130-140 instead of 240, I’m satisifed. I’m going to use this for an rp server anyhow.

I am using BUT I am renting a dedicated server from them. They got great support and service for cheap price!
I also use a coupon that gives me 5 or 6 % discount: Abdul (I know its nothing but better something then nothing).

For me personally I recommend A friend refered me to them and I got curious about their pricing so I ordered a server with them. Great support, great uptime and very attractive prices

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I’d go with

They have really good servers.

I’m using and they have great servers. Haven’t seen ANY lag.

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