best game type idea ever.

I don’t think you guys can handle this idea.

its so amazing you all might poop yourselves…


no you’re not but whatever…


1 player plays as dovakiin while the others try to kill him, Dovakiin can choose 1 of 5 different classes all based on someone’s play style, whether it be close combat, ranged, rush, sneak, etc… but the best part about being dovakiin is you can use 1 shout per class.

really i just came up with this because i wanna fus ro dah a whole bunch of people off the side of a cliff and have them ragdoll away.

I’ll make the wiki!
>I just ninja’d twoski <3

TFC, Hunted

great first post :eng101:

and this can be done in TTT…

You can edit the TTT enough to make it like this, Team spawned swep (Dovakiin Shout or whatever), add some custom models like crossbow/bow/sword, make it so people see who the Traitor is, rename Traitor to Dovakiin, detective to Hunter, Innocent to Hunter Assistant’s, change nearly all the VTF files and VIOLA!