Best gamemode for a server.

Title says all, I am pretty confused on what a good rp gamemode is that people would like.

Don’t use my CGRP, it’s to shitty and has bugs.

Cakescript is a pretty good script for roleplayers but use Darkrp if you want guns and deaths.

I will check out cakescript, thanks.

how the fuck do you get cakescript to work anyway is it just like a base or something?

I suggest taking DarkRP, and then strip it of all of it’s stupid pre determined classes and weapons, and either keep it that way or build up from there.

If you can’t figure that out you shouldn’t even own a server or try doing anything whatsoever.

Make your own original script.

Use no script at all

Your own script, perhaps with properties from other scripts, but specifically designed and built for your server.

SeriousRP, of course! But… I haven’t finished it yet. Sorry about that :frowning: It’s getting there though :wink:


Hmm id suggest using your own mod just paste dark rp and cake together and you’ll find out the rest.

Aparently spacebuild is a kind of roleplay. I pick Spacebuild2.

Furry Roleplay when it will be public. :3




Sandbox with that Ultra Light RP addon

I used to help run a server that ran that