Best Gamemode?

What in your opinion is the best Gmod gamemode? I’ve played Trouble in Terrorist Town, Jail Break, and Dark RP, but none of the others. What is in your opinion is the best, and can you please provide a brief summary of the gamemode.

DarkRP, in my opinion, is the best!


Jesus christ. I would vouch for Half-Life 2 RP or Zombie Survival

Parasite is quite good, but not many people play it

hmm… I like cake

Darkland’s FortWars

Has about 20 classes.

Build ball bases.


Chimera Hunt is pretty good.

Anything made by Kuropixel or Kurozael or Kuromeku or Keruwhateverthehellheisnow is good except E1 and E2. I personally thought they sucked ass. Fallout 3 RP sucked donkey ass too. So, I’d go with Experim3nt, HL2RP, and Serverance.


the homicidal bunny with the sharp object is correct.

What is Experim3nt, HL2RP, and Parasite?


It seems to be the most popular choice at least

Anything with friends.

If you are a loner though go with sandbox :V

Trouble in Terrorist Town!

about 50% or more of servers are sandbox, and the rest are mainly roleplay gamemodes.

Not what the most popular is

The best gamemode is…Deleting Garry’s Mod

You can only play it once though, then you need to play Install GMod.

Which actually means Intall GMod is the most popular.