Best gamemodes with long term progression?

What in your opinion is the most interesting gamemode with the best long-term progression? e.g. stranded, Gangwars etc.


Buying a printer, getting to $100K in less than a day is no long term progression.

On one server I wrote a script to idle and got $30 million after 24 hours.

You have to be kidding…

As far as gamemodes go, I haven’t really seen one with good progression

Honestly… I don’t think there can be… The reason I say this is because you get on GMod, login and join a server, and play for a while, then disconnect, and things go on from there. There isn’t really a save progress thing… I could be wrong, but take HL2RP for example. You get in, and you can RP and “develop/progress” your character, and that’s about it. Once you disconnect, you kind of cease to exist on the servers “life”.

TL;DR HL2RP is probably the closest you can get to progression (character wise).

+right; +use


Not serious RP anyway. I still play it a ton, and don’t like it. The trick is to join the resistance 7 minutes after you first joined. Then die and leave the server forever.


We’ve been trying out a cross-servers levelling/achievements system for a while now, on LifePunch. You can level up and unlock stuff to use across the different LP servers by playing/winning/etc. it worked out pretty well and might meet what you’re looking for.

There’s a scriptfodder addon that uses 3d2d displays and sends a net message to get money, so you can just stand their and watch as you take everyone’s printer money on the map.

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Tbh the only thing I do on gmod now is try and break DarkRP servers.


Here’s what I meant:

I’m trying to revive this gamemode:
It has an XP system, which should provide some long-term value.

I guess not many people play Underdone.
That has long term progression.

There is also the G4P Stranded server that is a fully recoded version of Stranded from scratch that has long term progression.

Then there is also Gmod DayZ.

I really enjoyed Gmod Tower, loads of gamemodes with achievements you can aim for to get. Can waste a lot of time in that

I really like the way LP has been progressing. It’s also like a NueSassilization community with the amount of servers and the good staff. Also you guys have been around for awhile. If I could make a suggestion could it possibly be make the deathrun server a tad more custom? I haven’t played on LP in awhile but I’ll stop in again soon.

I think we’re forgetting something big here.

If you ask me which gamemode I found the best, I won’t hesitate in answering with sandbox. I’ve played TTT, DarkRP, a collection of serious RP gamemodes, PropHunt, and other smaller gamemodes, but I’ve never really stuck with them for such a long time.

I see the appeal in them. They’re quite fun to play, too. In some of those gamemodes, there’s rewards in the long term and a learning curve is associated with playing them. It’s probably hard to see the same with sandbox, but there is long term progression with Sandbox.

You join, you see a bathtub in the spawn menu, and you decide to make a bathtub car. Pretty simple, but still fun. You look around, and you see a lot of different things happening in that sandbox server: that 9 year old who’s wiping spawn with a train, a couple of other bathtub cars, and, once in a while, you meet someone with a totally different creation:[/t]
A tank.

Though quite rare to find in the mass of sandbox servers, there are ones dedicated to building and war. War, not as in killing with guns, but with vehicles and contraptions instead. So, what do you do? You could:
A. Look at the owner of that tank for five minutes and then leave sandbox, possibly never returning again.
B. Look at the owner of the tank, attempt to shoot the owner, and then subsequently leave, possibly never returning again.
C. Try to make your own tank and join the battle.

I picked C. The learning starts slow, it’s difficult at times, and you don’t usually beat others’ vehicles, but the reward that you get in the end is something you can’t buy with money. It’s about and building and improving your build quality, as well as watching others do the same. You try something new or you discover something new every day. The experience is enhanced further when you’re around a big building community, who you can compete with and get constructive criticism from.

You end up with a never ending cycle of progression; learning, learning and still learning in order to improve, quite like real life is:

The reward? Winning. (possibly even the experience) But, hey, that’s just my two cents.

Tanks? Boring.

Where’s the podracers of sandbox?

Or the fancy cars with completely functional hologram E2 dashboards?

Building sandbox in a nutshell:

Hey, thanks for the kind words, appreciate it.

How do you mean “a tad more custom”? We’ve developed all our gamemodes entirely from scratch, including DeathRun. What do you think could be a good change?

I think TTT is a good one. There is a bit of a progression to learning how to play the game and then learning how to play the game well. I’m still improving even now. It’s really interesting how the players make the gameplay, and as such they have to constantly adapt and try new tricks.