Best Garry's Mod host for my location & budget

Hello there,
I am looking for a server host. These are my requirements:

-I live in the Netherlands, so I want a host in Europe and close to me;
-My budget is around €20, which is $27 for those Americans out there;
-I want 24 player slots (I’m hosting DarkRP, so more than that can’t hurt);
-I want fast support, no lag and no crashes (which is obvious).

I have seen many of these posts but they are all different and confusing, so I thought I’d make my own thread.

Thanks in advance!

Little budget go with plugpayplay (location: uk) but you pay for what you get, over 20 players and it will massively lag. But if you want a more than good and stabil host go then with nitrous network(location: europe which is most likely to be in uk).

Use Elite Game Servers. They have multiple locations and also have DDoss protection (Only in canada and France 60 Euro’s for it) for two locations. I hadn’t have any issues with them yet. and they seem to be fair cheap.

cheap, helpful and free DDoS protection wow.