Best Garry's Mod Host?

I’ve been using Nitrous Networks but every time I do I get discouraged when making a server cuz their technical support is kinda bad and takes a long time.
Is there any alternatives? (don’t say serenity servers pls)

Another one of these threads?

i don’t understand ur issue

Pm me if you want a good host, I don’t really want to post it here since it feels like advertising

These guys are currently the best.

personally I’d learn how to use a vps and buy from iozoom.

as far as shared hosting goes, I have to agree with StonedPenguin… GMCHosting is the best available right now.

Whats wrong with serenity Servers? i was going to go with them as they had so many good reviews on average, i chose a different one in the end however i cant help but wonder, do tell :o?

Serenity is basically a shitty host but the idiots make it look good.

The performance.

GMC hosting no doubt.

New host pretty good from what I tested

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Using GMChosting is your best bet.
But who am I to say who’s the best :slight_smile:

ovh have recently launched gmod hosting. cheap, easy hoster (very fast servers) (tested for myself) is pretty good

I heard some guy called leo5gg is also good server host

If you know what you’re doing, get an unmanaged VPS. I’ve been using Linode, it’s pretty cheap and smooth as hell, can even double as a FastDL server and webserver for making your own site.

If they have more power than NFO and had a mid US location, I’d consider it.

They’re much more expensive and I can’t see their cpu spec anywhere.