Best Garry's Mod Hosting?

Hey, I came across this problem recently. I have (for quite some time) used NFOServers as the primary host for my TTT server but recently due to some payment complications I can’t really use them anymore.
I was just wondering everyone else’s opinion on good server hosts.
Thanks :3

I’ve always used NFO and wouldn’t change for anything - can I ask what “payment complications” you’ve come across? Is it something we should all worry about? Fraudulent charges? Or more of a budget thing?

As far as other hosts - I always see good reviews for here on the forums but haven’t ever used them. A bit weary that their FAQ and How-To section is completely blank though.

I would prefer NFO if you’re more new (NFO has a way better control panel) and price isn’t too big a deal. ElpisHost is stilly pretty good and is cheaper but the Control Panel (TCAdmin) isn’t nearly as good and Elpis goes down from DDOSes easier than a hot knife cutting butter.

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I’ve used both btw

I am a server owner myself, and if you are hosting in Australia you might find these guys helpful. Search up Wombat Servers, $2 per slot but right now they have a deal for $1 per slot. They recently moved to a new location for better connection.

Is that considered a “low” price in Australia?

If you’re new and like simplicity then use NFOServers. They have fast support (usually in 1-5 minutes. Anything over an hour is rare) and they have some Gmod specific auto installers which is nice. They provide you with a MySQL db and a site for FastDL.

Elpis Host seems good as well. I haven’t used them but they are highly praised. The owner seems to be nice as well considering he gives free servers away