Best Garry's Mod Server hosting companies? What are your experiences with them?

Hi, sorry for this thread, I know there’s been quite a few recently and in the past but none of them have really shed any light for me.

I’m looking for a Game Server Provider with slots ranging anywhere from 24 - 32.

I’ve been with: /

Both were… less than enjoyable experiences, I know that you get what you pay for, but my dream host would
be somewhere around 50p per slot (I’m British).

I’ve been searching around for a few days now but have had no luck, I don’t really want to risk buying another terrible server like my past two hosters.

GSP’s I’ve looked at so far:

Nitrous-networks: As of a few days ago, no longer support garry’s mod.

Daemon-Servers: Currently unavailable due to maintenance.

Vilayer: Nice prices but apparently poor quality and customer services.

NFO: Apparently very good quality, but extremely expensive and only host in the US.

Xenon Servers: Not read any reviews of them yet, a bit on the expensive side, US only?

Clan Planet: Extremely Pricey, almost £3 just to debrand it.

GamingDeluxe: Not read any reviews of them yet.

BioServers: Not read any reviews of them yet, their website is currently offline.

I’ve seen a lot of Dedicated Servers and VPS’s within my price range, but I have little experience with them,
do you think Garry’s Mod would handle well on a VPS?

I’m not looking for the world’s best server hosting here, I just want a moderately large server that won’t crash everyday

Has anyone here been with any of the above companies, or do you know any better providers?

Thanks for reading! Sorry if you’re sick and tired of these posts.

A lot of people host their servers on VPSes.

Said people, typically use NFO VPSes because they usually have very very very strong cores (i.e E5-2690 cores)

People love Elpis here but my experience was fairly bad. I’ve been with NFO and haven’t looked back.

Has your game server been a DDOS magnet at all and I’m assuming your looking for pure British or is Europe Acceptable?

Would recommend to check out out my hosting but we have ordering off until Friday.

So if you need to order fast, I would check out as they do Germany as well as USA.

What kind of DDoS protection do you offer at Daemon?

Well Friday Isn’t that long away, so I’ll check out DaemonServer’s when they’re up again, My server in particular has never been a target for DDoS’ing but the previous host I was with was as a whole, so my server crashed a lot unfortunately, and cheers, I’ll check out elpsis.


How much money do you think one should invest if they want a ‘decent’ VPS? What should I be looking for and what’s a bit of a scam, if you know?


Also, Europe is fine, America is a possibility but not a preference.

I can assure you that NFO has extreme profit margins, but it’s within reason because their firewall setup is so amazing.

I’d buy at least 2-3 cores with their VPS, so around $50 at NFO?

I think that’s a little out of my price range, I’m only looking to set up one 32 slot game server and even then I won’t be stretching that out in terms of resources, maybe VPS is a future option.

I kind of want to try out a VPS, but I have no idea where to start. Any tips or suggestions? (I’m Australian).

I’m learning everything to do with hosting as I go :v:

From Friday all servers connected to the net with 1GB, but if your getting attacks over 1GB the UK isn’t the place for your server really.

Europe starts to get a lot cheaper for providing DDOS protection over 1GB, unless someone can advise of a host that provides true UK DDOS protection for over 1GB.

I’ve never been a target for DDoSer’s, so I’m not particularly worried about protection, unfortunately the last host I was with started getting DDoS’d heavily as soon as they started hosting a game called ‘cube world’, on an unrelated sidenote I also worked for them as a graphics designer.

Annoyingly that won’t happen for a long time

OVH isn’t that great for game servers, but their DDoS protection is in beta and claims upwards of 400gbit/s protection.

never use xenon

its just awful trust me


You should check out Amped Hosting, They offer really good servers, Garry’s Mod servers at $0.67c a slot, and comes with free webhosting with every server purchase, and if you need a refund, you have the first 7 days to do that with your webhosting/voice server. Check them out!

I already saw your advertisement on the forums, it doesn’t look too good to be honest.

NFO has hosting in Frankfurt now actually, and they are extremely high quality considering you are running a roleplay server if I remember correctly I would rent a VDS from NFO servers since roleplay servers are DDoS magnets and Clockworks performance is lower than other gamemodes such as TTT (I’m not saying its poorly coded it’s a matter of the fact that a lot of data has to be processed on the server)

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I assume you mean virtual private server, if so you should probably aim for west coast united states, when I ran a DayZ server I had a Seattle based server that most Australian players got 100ish ping to, and it’s boatloads cheaper then Aussie hosting considering 100ping is not bad at all.

I wouldn’t go with DaemonServers, horrible experience.

what happened, I heard they were really good

With a friend, we are “private” server hoster, with 30 slots for 10€.
With us their is no laggs, no ddos possible, and an active support.

The only one problem is that we are french, so our website is in french sorry :confused:

The server itself provided is OK. Sadly, they have had DDOS attacks on their company blocking out entire nets of servers. They have various ‘divisions’ and all servers on the divisions were down. We tried making tickets but those were not responded to. We decided they were probably in a rush trying to solve it. Thus why I thought I’d add both owners on Steam and wait for them to pop-up in their own time. Ended up waiting 4 days with offline servers for a response on ticket/steam. When they did (week later) server went up again.

It’s just that when you rent from them, be aware it’s two hobbiest trying really hard to run things. But you shouldn’t expect corporate service which other companies would. This probably resulted into the slightly cheaper price anyway. Seeing as DDOS on GMOD communities is so common, we left for a quicker servicing company. We also generally weren’t refunded for the downtime.