Best Garry's mod Server pc

i wanne host my own Gmod server but can I use this pc?

2 x 2.33GHz / Quad Core / FSB 1333MHz / Cache 2x4MB / TDP 80W / 64-bit Xeon E5345
8 x 2GB 2RX4 PC2-5300F DDR2-667 ECC, Micron, P/N: MT36HTF25672FY
2 X 240GB SSD

Yes that’s a quite good PC for hosting a server. But I would still recommend getting dedicated hosting for it because of DDOS and power usage.

No, it really isn’t that great of a pc. The single core performance in that CPU is laughable. If he’s hosting anything more demanding than Prop Hunt, he’ll want to get something more respectable. Also something hosted would be better for latency and of course DDoS protection.

What than a perfect Cpu for this Low Buget?

Low budget and game server hosting don’t work well together.

I’d advise a quad core or higher, with a 2.5GHz clock minimum. GMod (especially sandbox) can get extremely CPU intensive when there’s a lot going on.

Side note: Source engine games usually run on one core so the CPU clock speed is by far the more important focus.

I’d really advise not hosting a server at home though, Even if you have the hardware and connection for it you’re going to run into problems eventually.

Find a GSP (Game server provider) or look into buying a dedicated server (Dedicated servers are significantly more work but you have more flexibility and usually at a cheaper price)

oke thx