Best Global Bans System?

Hey guys,

I was recently doing some development work for the community I am attached with and now that the server is popular (in Australia) and we have numerous other GMod servers the need for a global ban list has been highlighted. I was wondering if there was any clear winner as I have used ULX Global Bans before but once you get over 800ish bans when it refreshed it lagged the servers. I recently tried Open Steam however I didn’t like the system as usergroups and bans had to be done through specific commands.

Cheers for your help,

IIRC UGB just checks the ULX Bans. You could try and move the perm bans to the server directly in the banned.cfg

It’s ULX’s bans system that’s shit, and since UGB directly hooks into it, it automatically also turns shit.

I know this is an old thread but since GBans! on gmodstore is not working, i decided to update ULX Global Bans to the newest standard


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