Best gmod content names ever.

i don’t know how this happened but i laughed.

Silly weapon font. You are not letters, you can’t even spell.

Verify game cache

It’s the HL2 font. Those should be the Killicons. Maybe a font-name mismatch?

happens if you switch resolutions a bitchload

Happens when you do gm_clearfonts in console AFAIK.

This happened to me while joining servers. The names of the files were very silly.

Where did you get Tiny running man, SMG, SLAM, Rifle, Another Tiny Man, Magnum, … ,? I’ve been looking for that since the day i got Gmod!

There’s a font file included in the source engine that renders these

Where i’m from, we call that a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Where the rest of us are from, we call that a very horrible and unfunny joke.

Well, I’m sorry, sir. I am truly mortified at the fact that you consider a rather humorous joke to be unfunny! I shall see to it immediately!