Best GMod host?

So i have enough money to host a GMod server for about a year, and i have been wanting to start up one for a while now, but i just cant find the right one. I heard from someone art of war was good, then i heard from more people that it sucked. HALP.

My biggest bit of advice: Don’t use Xenon. While it is currently the most popular service for hosting GMod servers, their GMod servers are terrible. They oversell (of course they deny this, despite a vanilla server lagging to tears), and their “initial” costs are outrageous. It cost me around $30 when I first bought from them for a 15 slot server.

I use Neon Servers, they don’t really advertise or offer public hosting anymore, mainly due to abuse and the fact they want to keep the servers generally lag free.

With any server host, you’ll have people who don’t like it. I don’t like Xenon, that’s my opinion.


Oh wait…

Well, i already use brohoster for their minecraft servers (that’s all they are really good for), and i don’t really want to deal with neon (i will if i have to, though). Anybody else got anything?

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Forgot to mention, im not gonna have more then 6 or 7 people on my server at a time, and it will probably be passworded.

Why would you pay someone to host your server for you? That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense, unless you have dial up and a shitty laptop or something.

I have an extremely unreliable connection and only one computer :l I’ve done my own server before on a good computer, now i dont have enough time (i also moved) to do it myself.


  1. Because you don’t have a PC that can stay on 24/7
  2. Your internet/specs are shitty
  3. You use the computer for gaming
  4. You just don’t want to.

counter-strike, check if the coupon “internaluseonly42” works, if it doesn’t don’t waste your time.

Also, I recommend UKGame, they’re okay. They have a reliable customer support, albeit slow. Me and a few other people use it, no really big complaints so far. Server’s not laggy and as far as I know didn’t ever crash, except for one time when there was a big storm and apparently knocked out their cables or something like that.

They’re also cheap. And word of advice, always buy month-to-month for starters, don’t jump into the coffin with both legs.

They’re shit and overpack their boxes.

  1. Why can’t it stay on 24/7?
  2. Kay. Sucks.
  3. Um, yeah? That’s why you’re hosting a server. You can game and host a server at the same time. If you gamed on it in the first place, it probably has good enough specs to game and be a server.
  4. Makes the most sense of all the reasons.

Might i also mention im also in the states.

Unfortunately with BroHoster gone, there aren’t many decent hosts in the U.S. anymore, that are affordable. The best ones cost $3 a slot, and the worst ones just so happen to be the cheapest, as always.

They’re good unless you want to host some massive community, in which case you should have a dedi anyway. - their prices are awesome.

Xfactorservers, they have a good support and good prices.
Good computers and everything ^^

What are you gapping your mouth about, close that food trench and listen here. I run 4 servers for/with Xenonservers. They have a good support, and if you still think it lags then I can pass the ip’s ur way. And If you actually pay 30 USD for a 15 people server then u werent at Xenonservers. They got 15% off atm. Really good, if you ever need any help with anything just throw the question my way, I’ll cath and answer as fast as possible.

Grab the link we are at it:

Glad to be helping.

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I actually took a look at it, Xenonserver are cheaper and more informative.


• Automatic Mod Installer
• Automatic SVN Updater
• Up to 100 Tick
• No Branding
• Dedicated IP
• Free MySQL Database
• Clan Pay Donation system
• Free sv_downloadurl Hosting
• Orange Box, Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source Content

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What are you talking about, I checked up your page also, to save this guy some trouble.

Your choice of a server hoster wants 31.68 USD for a 32 slots server.

Xenonservers: 25 USD for a 32 slots server. You get a free DDos Protection that is rlt good, I actually know. Checked how much pressure they can take.