Best Gmod Server Host as of Now?

What is the best server host for a 16 slot server in your opinion and/or experience?

I am looking into getting a server for my first time and I’m not sure what server host is the most reliable with support/pricing/value/etc. I also live in the States, so that is a factor here.

precision servers. Its really cheap and it provides you with a free 1 GBPS DDOS Protection. Don’t listen to any other scrubs Who advertise their server host here. Precision Servers.

Can you provide me with a link of some sort? I have only looked into Elpishost and Xenon thus far.

I suggest you look up the bigger server hosting companies. Loads of people recommend their own host as the best one, as they have never used anything else.

Loss gameservers
HC-Servers: Quick and nice support. Owner is friendly, responds within a few minutes during the day (6am - midnight EU time), servers run smoothly. I do recommend.

PlugPayPlay: Bad support, slow servers. Prices are incredibly low, which is a result of overcrowding servers (otherwise they’d end up making debts rather than profit). I do not recommend.

NitrousNetworks: Bad support, don’t know what they are doing. Had an FTP issue, took them a week to resolve the issue. No response in meanwhile or status updates. Guys don’t know what they are doing so they rely on answers they get on other forums to resolve their own problems.

NFOServers: Quick support, extremely powerful network. Prices are quite decent, they recently started hosting in Frankfurt, Germany rather than US only. I do recommend.

Dedicated servers
ElpisHost: Had a dedicated server here. I can’t remember why we moved out, but I believe the guy I worked with thought the owner was stealing stuff from other communities. I’d still recommend, I guess.

LimestoneNetworks: Quite powerful servers. Prices are decent. Their panel used to be really good, but they did not offer DDoS protection (read: mitigation). Also great support, pay $5 to get your issues resolved by professionals. I do recommend

Intreppid (formerly known as Staminus): Great servers, however, really pricy DDoS protection (where as NFO offers it for free). 20 Gbps / 8 mpps mitigation costs $317. Had no problems other than the price with this one.

NFOServers: Had one virtual dedicated server at some point. After that I moved on to ElpisHost. I had several performance issues, but as far as I know, there are no problems at all (could aswell have been my own set up that caused the bad performance).

Thanks for the reply. Precise did not work obviously and so I might go with ElpisHost here. I just recently heard of Fluctis as well. Are they any good?

Id reccomend these, hosted gmod servers from them before.

HMM pricing: £439 for 12months

You only really need 1ip as you can just use diffrent ports :stuck_out_tongue:

No experiences with them.

Terry, I’m not sure if this guy wants a dedicated server, so I just threw in a few suggestions.

Ah i see well yh their hosted of of OVH witch is a possitive and the unlimited ddos protection policy iss really nice.

plugpayplay are got for anything up to 32slots but any higher ull get alot of lag when players join more than 32,

Nitrous networks good support but i believe their hosted via linux so no auto refresh

There’s always!

Or at least I’d like to still think we’re a thing :v:

For America:
ElpisHost if you live in the West Coast.
NFO Servers if you live anywhere else.

For VPSes either use SoYouStart or NFO.

For dedicated boxes either OVH or LimeStone

Buy a vps

Idiot me

You mean a VPS. A VPN would be useless.
VPS= Virtual Private Server
VPN= Virtual Private Network (For bypassing regional restrictions and having a different IP anonymity)