Best GMOD server host ?


I have bought dedicated servers some time ago, but it has never been a real success.

First time, i used I am not sure how many slots i bought, but i think it was 14.

It was not good at all. All the players got sky high pings when the server reached a number of about 10 players. I was running a unmodified version of DarkRP on that server.

Then i decided to try an other server host, because the invision-gaming server was simply unplayable, when i could only have 6-8 players on my server.

I found a host called I even selected the option “Super Server” which should be a better server in some way, i dont know, i was just looking for a server that could run GMOD without lag.

I liked their server hosting alot, absolutely no lag, and their support chat had like instant reply. But again, some troubles came across me, when the server started to crash approximately every hour and a half, even when there were a low number of peoples on the server. This resulted in all my server visitors decided to not come back to my server, whenever it crashed. I was running a modified version of DarkRP on that server.

Please share some experiences you have had with server hosting, and give me advices on who to choose next. I am currently looking for a server host to host a modified version of DarkRP. is the host my clan is currently using. They’re great to say the least. Also, I believe my server manager (another clan member) told me there was an option or something built in to put DarkRP on right from there. The clan declined though, we’re not a DarkRP clan or anything, but you might find that to your liking!

Also, about your crash troubles. They are everywhere and on every server, they are 100% inescapable.

That may be related.

Really helpful response, thanks!

Use Hypernia, and follow THIS Installation Tutorial!
It’s simple, i now host 2 servers, and Hypernia offers NO LAG :smile:

I’ve had 2 gmod servers so far, one was crap and the support didnt respnd :frowning:
the second one, , is epic, im still using it, the support is great, low pings and its quite cheap too. :smiley:

Hey guy’s I’ve been using Xenon servers for awhile and I gotta admit I’ve had absoultely no problems with them so far and if your looking to get a server then check em out! (My referral link) And If you need help with setting up your server you can also get ahold of me on steam (-ICE-) and I’ll gladly help you out! Oh and here’s a 10% off coupon too! >>>>> Coupon: APR1410OFF