Best Gun?

Hey guys, this thread is a opinion of the community, I’ve seen threads saying which guns are the best but I’ve never seen opinions from a lot of people at once. please vote!

What is the best gun and why? post below!

For m16 I meant m4*


High dmg, easilly obtained, looks like an 9MM. rip, the P250.

9mm would be good if it didn’t have the iron sights sway when you strafe and shoot. That thing sways so much it makes it utterly useless for me and I would rather use a revolver then a 9mm. Thing is just garbage unless you are standing still and shooting straight.

Cheapest to make, Cheapest ammo, Massive damage.
Might loose in an open firefight. But with training, and especially with a friend or two, it will be deadly.
If you die, you’ll have 10 more bows in a couple of minutes.
You can run and shoot.
Very long reach.

Practicing w/ a bow at long distances can turn a newb fresh spawn into a dude with full kev in a matter of 2 shots. Bow4lyfe.

Bow. The Bow is my favorite weapon in game. I’m a BBBow Master.


I love the pipe shotgun … its simple, cheap and strong.

I am offended there is no hand cannon option

<3 Rock 4 evaa <3

bolt action, headshot kills full kev.

The top tier guns in my personal opinion are the p250, bolt and m4. The m4 is an obvious one as it is hands down the best weapon in the game. The bolt is extremely effective and ineffective at the same time. There’s no middle ground for it but if you need to shoot from long range or some guy standing still it can one shot. My vote for this thread however goes to the p250. It’s cheap and is all around the best weapon for what you are doing 90% of the game. It’s a weapon that could perform well and be lost with no loss.


The bow, it might be hard to use at first what with there being no crosshair or sight, but after hunting for about an hour or two so, you will be able to kill a chicken from 100 yards away easy.

No hand cannon on options? lel newbs.

Hand cannon is fantastic

-Cheap production cost
-Fabulous for sneak attacks

Since when is a rock a gun?

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