Best host?

I’m planning on getting a TF2 Server, paying monthly. I want to be able to install all the plugins, custom sounds etc i want on it. Any host suggestions? Cheapest value per slot would be nice, At least 24 slots is what i am aiming to get.

I host my server with Teddi Orange and I’ve had no problems whatsoever.

He also helps me with pretty much everything I need help with, he is a good server host.

He does not have a website that I know of, but he does have an account on FP.

I offer hosting with my company on the best hardware (Quad Core 3.0Ghz) If your interested add me on steam (Shepsie) and I can offer you a price and any advice you need with your new server.

What country would you prefer, as I could smack one on my laptop for free. Gives people in my country a ping of 9ms, and them British a ping of 20 - 100ms depending on their ISP.

I’m not much for supporting though. I could set up a vps and let you do the work, if you don’t mind me slacking.

'S good for a small 24 slot clan server, but nothing professional, so I’d pick an actual host if you wanna make sure it stays 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are looking for a server in the US, should be able to accommodate you. 24 slots for $17 per month or there is currently a sale for 32 slots for $100 per year.

If you happen to be looking for an Australian Server, Visit