Best hosting? 40spot/DarkRP/UK

Hello Facepunch!

I’m thinking about buying a server, at a host.
It’s gonna be DarkRP and a 40spots server.
It’s gonna be mainly for scandinavia or/and United Kingdom.
Nearly lag free, of course not fully. But those servers I’ve been joining lately have crashed, lagged until crash or just being really buggy because of lag.

Can anyone help me?

Sure. It’s called yourself.

Go out and rent a dedicated server or colocate.

That’s the best way to buy a server.

If you can’t afford that, then I would recommend a server from

Darksoul - Yes I knew that. But I can’t afford that at the moment.

Brocko - The server I usually play on (True-RP) uses BioServers.
And with all the lag and crashes they got… No thanks to Bio!
I’ll just try bioserver for month, if it lags and suchs, then I’ll write back :wink:

Number of addons and quality of setup are just as much a lag creator.

You need to be intelligent about hosting and set your networked rates as well, they’ll help prevent crashes if you make you rent a dedicated box, if not, petition BioServers to do it for you (it should be common practise).

Yay! It’s up now.

But really… I got some problems, and i need some stuff I’ve seen other server got… I’ll just write it here, if anyone knows where to find this stuff for DarkRP(Or to make it)…

Vehicle tab (No spawning from Q menu)
Save vehicles (Like money, so you only need to buy a car once)

… Oh and… When i scroll with my psygun pointed at a prop. It’s like… Not recieving 40% of the scrolls -.- I don’t know how to explain this problem…
But you can test it yourself…

What is your servers tickrate set at? If its 100, it could be that.

I took it down at 66.
Tho I really don’t know what tickrate is. But i saw some other other servers.
It fixed it! :slight_smile:

Anyone there can help me with the scripting?

Hi there. If you need help from me at BioServers, please post a support ticket in the billing system.
Do let me know of any issues you have and I’ll be happy to look into them for you.