Best Hosting Location

Hey everybody, today i’m making a shift to NFO hosting (seems like they offer the best quality as far as Gmod servers go) and I was wondering what location I should choose for the best overall coverage?
I currently have a server in Montreal, Canada, and due to this move I had lost over 60% of my playermade that once consisted of over 300 regular players on my DarkRP server.
It seems that over at NFO, Chicago is by far the most popular location, however, it’s not really in the center of the USA, so that beats make.
Any input will be appreciated, thank you!
(right now i’m looking at Kansas, seeing as it’s at the exact middle of the US)
Again, my goal is to bring in as many people as possible, by having my server load up rather quickly in their servers browser.

Take the one in the center of your playerbase?

My playerbase is completely spread out at the moment.
Australia, Canada, and EVERYWHERE in the US.
But the majority of my playerbase used to be from across the US, and now that’s been dying off, due to the move to Canada.

I’ve actually had pretty good luck using ramnode + ddos protection.

When talking about servers you don’t wanna go for something geographically centered. You wanna go for something that’s a central point network wise. Chicago is just about as central as you can get in terms of peering in the US.

You can find bad reviews about anything online. The best way to find out is to try it yourself. If you haven’t tried it, I wouldn’t discount it. I haven’t had any problems with my droplets and I’ve been using them for quite some time. Just learn to manage it correctly. is one of the best host in my experience. I’ve been using them for quite sometime now. I have 4 sites hosted with them and never a problem. Always answered my support tickets pronto. for additional info, they have 8 data centers that maybe near with your location.

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I’m always happy to take the humble advice of a fellow Facepunch community member :v:

we run our dedi from new york(initially because that was the only location where the machine we wanted was available) and we get surprisingly good pings from all over the world

it will vary depending on your host though, you could try asking some people from various countries to run tracerts to several locations ran by a host you’re considering and see what numbers you get

my bad, didn’t notice you’re going with nfo in which case i wouldn’t worry about it too much