Best House map

Hey all. So, since i got a bit bored, i decided to build my house. I made a 1 floor building on flatgrass with phx3, since on props when you walk it is a bit stucky.
So, anyone know a good 2-5 floor house which is not that kind of big (not GIGANTIC rooms), but it is a MAP not a SAVE or ADV DUP file.

Try these… -a fancy-like house -modern-ish style house -dark cs map, very atmospheric and generally awesome

Thank you !
Well all of these maps are not controllable - about 75% of the props are not movable/useable…

Then Learn2Model!
Then Set up hammer for custom props.
Then decompile the map, remove static things and place prop_physics instead. (Maybe you can simply change prop_static to prop_physics if they aren’t brush-based)


Maybe you understand the following: Moki Lietuviskai?
If not, then nvm.

Yeah, yeah i have Source SDK and i am starting making maps. I FAIL at making maps, but with patience, i guess i can make a map…

Kai baigsis ban I steam’o friends isimesk wirusass0(acc0)/wirusass00(nick).

Maybe these then: -small and cozy, but I have not tried it -totally movable, even the walls

Sorry if these are not what you are looking for, Hammer may be your best bet…

So… who rates me Bad Reading for talking in my native language?

apie koki ban tu cia sneki


The apartment i have tried - it is really very small
And the other one… Is… you know… .breakable

buvai uzbanintas uz ta tema “uzbanink parasiusi pries tave”.

nieko manes neisbanino, cia buvo pokstas…

dzin dabar, miegot einu. Jeigu su hammeriu dirbsi tai duris bus labai lengva padaryt :slight_smile:


No, no, no, no, no. Never de-compile a map any more complex than Flatgrass, the decompilers aren’t great and tend to fuck up geometry. You are better off making your own house from scratch if you just learnt Hammer to move props.

Decompile, then try to remake your own house looking at how the decompiled one looks.


I tried this at making ZM maps, horribly failed. It crashes, even though I’m sure there is no hole to see the “void”.


ANd why the fuck every my post in this thread have at least one Bad Reading?

If you want to find the void, load the pointfile.