Best Image Size + Host?

Okay, for years now I’ve been posting comics in 3-4 panel strips, usually 4-5 strips at a time to make a complete comic, and using ImageShack to host them because of their very useful toolbar.

But nowadays I suspect no one posts their comics like that, especially long ones that you have to right click > view.

Now I’ve got a comic that runs into the hundreds of frames, and I am not organizing them into 30-odd goddamn images.

I never put them into longer strips because of ImageShack’s prohibitive size limits, and because I didn’t want people to have to spend forever loading them.

So, since I’ve stuck to this method for years, what’s the best way to do it now?

About how big a file can I safely make and host somewhere? Where’s the fastest, highest-capacity, no-herp-derp-u-ran-out-of-bandwidth-trololol-paid-upgrade bullshit, ergonomic file host for comics?

DeviantArt? FileSmelt? What’s good these days?

dropbox, public folder.
best way imo. only limit is the size of the storage only goes up to 2.5GB for free. no bandwidth shit, though.

I’ve already told you to create a Wordpress blog and host them there. Or join mine, if you want.

I don’t remember that at all! But as long as it doesn’t resize them or anything, that’ll work.

I use ModDb. They have a 2mb limit per image, but it’s easy to keep track of your stuff and they allow you to edit the image after the fact without breaking the links. It’s good if you post a comic on multiple sites and don’t like editing three or four threads to fix one spelling error or something. I don’t know about total file limits, but I don’t think there is one since they are a large file host.

There is dropbox, you can hotlink directly from it, you can have a folder on your desktop which is linked directly to your account online and you upload stuff directly when placing it in the folder. You can also create folders inside to organize your stuff. 2.5 GB limit though.


You can also right click on the item in your public folder on your computer and press “copy public link” to hotlink images.