Best Korea People's Armies rush for their leader

plz turn this shit

It’s joking, don’t be serious.

I was going to visit armory shop to get myself some ammunition before you said it was a joke

bruno mars is awful lol

Crysis models?..DO WANT! Anyway…nice pic, I guess…

Where is the pic?

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Oh now i do.

I guess, korean army is one of the most innovative since they use soldier cloning technology :v:
And those inspired faces!

But good picture though

those facess make me peepee

Asians man.

Picture gave me a good ROFL


And it doesn’t even fit either.

Too bad the North Koreans use unreliable pieces of shit for weapons.

The AK47 and it’s variants are unreliable?

(I was under the impression they used the AK)

I mean the guns they actually make and use over there. Plus the stuff that (im sure) they borrow from the Chinese.

i thought they used the Groza now and not the AK’s :o…

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or i should i say i saw a picture once of them using groza’s…

Groza was made for sptsnaz units, and we don’t export it as far as I know

oh… well it was a bullpup for sure… anyways, nice picture n shit

maybe it was chinese army

This fills me with hope.

ya ddok thats the one…

I was under the impression they used a Chinese manufactured clone of the AK. (I’m sure I’m probably wrong)