Best linux OS for servers(Mostly source)

Title say’s it all. I know theres ubuntu, debian etc but what is the best for the most performance, and such? Haha, sorry for this stupid question, I’m a windows person and im deciding to move to linux

most servers use centos or debian

some dudes use ubuntu too so i guess that works

i use centos cause i kinda prefer yum over apt-get

At the moment, centos, debian, and ubuntu is in the top 3 list for me. I’ve heard that ubuntu is the best though? I just want the most performance possible, while editing the kernal for even more( Which I heard you can do for a bit more)? I really am sorry, I am a linux noob haha

I’m doing great with Ubuntu, I heard some people were having issues with CentOS but Debian should be fine too.

Thanks. I guess ill try ubuntu, I’ll try it. Now I im going to need to learn linux so much! Haha