Best locations where I usually start off in Rust

I made a video about the locations where I normally build my first shelter or first little base on a new server.
The locations are in the middle of the map, close to resources, loot chests, red animals and are a bit hidden as well.

2:18 I’d be honest i would had never thought of this.

Careful selection of that first shelter location is something many new players don’t give enough consideration. It often costs them their resources and their lives. Then they complain they are at the bottom of the food chain and have no chance to get established on an existing server-- whereas, if they had carefully selected a location (rather than putting their shanty down in the middle of a field) they would probably go unnoticed until they could build a 1x1 or larger structure.

I’ve started out there on 5 or 6 servers with around 50 people on it without anyone noticing me. The only downside ofcourse is that you can only build a shelter on it and that can be destroyed easily!

best location is coast! :smiley: just in the water… awsome…

Hehe, saw some videos on bases in the water, tried it a few times but always died so just kept it in land ^^

Hacker valley is awesome IMO…I can farm resources for days and I rarely ever see anyone. If you build in hacker north you’re about 2 mins away from split rad. I only really recommend hacker valley for players who are at the end game tho. I have already researched everything so my only focus now is mass C4 production.

aaaaaaaaaaand now everyone knows them and will raid anyone building there.

just like the ones building at the other " secret smart bases " that got shown on the forums.

love raiding anyone building there. they always have great stuff expecting not to be raided cause they built on a " secret place " depicted everywhere on the forums xd

I don’t think they’re secret, they’re just good to start off… I see tons of people just building on areas where people pass by every few minutes… The best areas are where only people come that are looking for your base, not just passing by on accident, that’s why I always use those spots untill I’ve got enough stuff to build a bigger and more secure base :slight_smile: