Best looking or most realistic Garry's Mod/Half Life 2 Map?

I really would like to show off extremely good Garry’s Mod graphics to my friend. He reckons that the source engine isn’t powerful enough to have maps that have as good graphics as the more recent games coming out. Lets prove him wrong.

Please, no HDR or bloom eye rape. Your suggestions are appreciated.

(Is this the right place to ask this?)

Source, as good as it is, is very outdated and your friend is basically right. Newer games win the graphics contest hands down compared to Source. You CAN find some good looking maps, but that’s about as good as it gets.

I agree with you there, but Portal 2 looks fucking sexy. I’m looking for those sort of maps that proves Sources capabilities. Much appreciated.

That’s in Source.

The fact is that Source is indeed somewhat outdated.

If you wanted to show the Source engine can have impressive graphics why the hell would you show him a Garry’s Mod or HL2 map?

HL2 is several years old and any map made for it would use it’s textures, which are unimpressive today. (Which is unsurprising considering the fact that they’re like 5 years old)

Gmod maps are made by individuals who, even if they are skilled, do not deserve to be compared to professional maps made in another engine by a paid professional.

If you want to show how good the Source engine is, show him a professional game using Source. Show him TF2, Portal 2, maybe even some non-Valve Source games like Xeno Clash.

You could possibly even show him a well made mod, like Dear Esther, already posted earlier in this thread.

Yeah, sorry, I really meant to say source engine in general.

So to be very clear, if you want to show him proof that Source can look good, go to professionally made games and some mods.