Best method of Buster Weapon

Hello guys.

Search’s still unavailable so I can’t say if anything like this has been done before ;_;

I’ve been thinking about making RockMan’s/MegaMan’s Buster as a SWEP.
Now that wouldnt be too much of a problem if i wasn’t so picky.

I want a way to configure the Buster like in the Legends - Games, therefore having Buster parts with special stats:

Power (Influences damage)-> Influences colour of the projectile
Energy (Influences how big your clip is)-> Influences size of the projectile
Rapid (Influences fire rate)
Range (Influences range)-> Doable with a destruct timer on the projectile

Can i do the projectile as an orb of particles or do i have to use a model? Particles would be great, first of: They look better, second, I bet changing their colour is alot easier.

Can i somehow use a derma Menu to configure the swep, is there even a way how to enable users to take direct influence or do i only have the secondary fire key to “switch firing modes” :C

Hurr Durr, wall of text

Thanks in advance for pointers!