Best mods to get right off the bat?

Not a bad idea, but not going to happen :-/

Heres a question your probably wondering (unless its allready been said, im just too lazy to check) download winrar, then click the addon you want to download. then click open. once its been opened, right click the file and say: extract to the designated folder. extract it to: C:programfiles/steam/steamapps/[steamusernamehere]/garrysmod/garrysmod/ then addons folder for addons and maps folder for maps (its a good idea to extract maps to addons and the maps folder)

Dude get gm_botmap v3 and 2 they are good maps for building on singleplayer also, check out sled build,for wars,any DarkRP server, also try to stay away from dismemberment mod it can crash you if not installed correctly, OH and look for “gman” its an addon installer for gmod :slight_smile:

Although spacebuild may be stupid, its worth getting it because when you go on a spacebuild server you want to see the other peoples ships, not just errors.

You mean if I want to go on a spacebuild server, I should download spacebuild? Sir, you have blown my mind.

these idiots r giving u WAY to complicated stuff no wire wire is complicated as F**K. i suggest the ultimate vehicle pack, some css sweps (guns) dismemberment mod or gibmod, i prefer gibmod. and if u dont want to go thru the headachees of SVn use its slow as hell but if u use it at night, it seems to go faster. (less ppl on maybe?)

Besides Wire SVN and PHX3 SVN, you will want some helpful mods like SmartSnap and Stacker, they help a lot while building.

This site has loads of SVN stuff that the servers may have, from simple things like SmartSnap, to heavy things like PlayerModels and gamemodes, so you don’t have to download it directly from the server, thus causing lag :wink:

For building: phx,wire,bouyancy,and gcombat
For fun: Your mom and penis mod :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not that hard.

Wire isn’t complicated.

People just make complicated things with it.

By your logic, if someone used Easy Precision to make a to-scale, highly detailed tank, Easy Precision is too complex for a new player to use. :buddy:

Why does building have to require skill? I’ve never made anything with SBMP but by building the ship out of larger chunks you cut down on entity count which reduces the network and CPU strain, and a few prebuilt sections linked together is less affected by the weakness of welds than if the hull was made of more props.

I’m not saying all ships should be made with SBMP. The ships can look like a mess of tubing when they’re really big.

But they’re functional and less laggy and quicker to make, which is good if you want to just fight with the ships and have some fun.

I really don’t like how you said it ‘takes no skill’ as if that’s a bad thing.

Let’s get off this topic and go back to the original, shall we?

We’re on topic, they were debating if SBEP is worth getting.

If it isn’t worth getting, you wouldn’t want it right off the bat.

If it is worth getting, is worth getting right off the bat? or later?

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We’re on topic, they were debating if SBEP is worth getting.


SBEP is totally worth it. There are a lot of cool models and enitities, and its sooo much eisier to make shit fly with the gyropod/adv. gyropod(the advanced one is wayy better but its longer and harder to use).

I use SBEP, I was just explaining how people arguing about it’s usefulness is still on topic

I no and i was just arguing the theres nothin bad about it.


it is indeed an excellent addon indeed

Stacker, weight.

In order of importance for a new person
Weight tool,

SBEP is good if you have life support, resource distibution etc and want to play spacebuild… but not really great for someone new.

For servers PHX is a must.

All I have is GCombat, Wire, PHX3, SmartSnap, Weight, and EasyPrecision. I have no desire to get any other addons.
SBEP just clutters my spawn list, which annoys me.