Best/Most Essential Addons

Let’s make a list.


rape swep

Taser Weapon


Everything here

Precision Tool

Stacker SWEP

gm_boatconstruct (because building boats is cool and easy)

Anything by Sligwolf

i love the cinematic camera tool ^^

Smart Snap.

Precision Alignment.

All of Spy’s stuff (Customizable Weaponry / FAS)




Half life 2 Ep 1-2 mounted :?


There should be a way to limit players connecting based upon how many hours they have accumulated in GMOD or some equivalent proof of ability. At least 100 or 200 hours at minimum for an intermediate build server imo.

All TDM cars,All FAS 2,All M9K

… yeh.

There is a way, People just don’t choose to use it.

DassDraugenBuild uses it with 200h minimum, OZ Serious Build uses it with 100h minimum and my cousin’s private sandbox has a 1500h limit.

Not very essential at all; just takes up a lot of space and is super inefficient.