Best Mysql Plugin?

Is there any other mysql plugins besides of Tmysql & Mysql oo?

Doubt it; what’s wrong with tmysql and MysqlOO?

I personally find the older mysql module best.

Care to elaborate?

It depends on your style of coding, really. Both allow you do to it in different ways.

Or if you really don’t like it you can always write your own module for it.

Tmysql if you’re only using ONE database else try mysqloo

For some reason mysqloo only works on singleplayer for me

Code, errors?

Did you install the module correctly? Did you place the libmysql.dll file in the correct directory? Are you using it on the server?

The weird part is that It doesnt give any errors, And yes i placed all the files right.

So no code then. Good, everything seems to be working as expected then.

I will give it a try again tomorrow and poste the code