Best nude character downloads?

Hey i been searching and i want some nude ragdolls any links would be appreciated, thanks :smiley:

Use google, is very easy only a few words an clicks to find what you are searching
And a plus link that may help you too

Just don’t let your mom see those models… I’m sure the last thing Garry wants is your mom calling and complaining about GMod because it’s a “sex game!!!”…

Seriously, if you’re 10, at least try not to make it painfully obvious, it’s disgraceful!

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Never heard of Hentai?

Quit spamming that.

There’s a really good Alyx model on, but its face is screwed up BADLY.

I like this one: and with the last patch her jigglebone body parts arn’t spazing out when you are using the NPC rather than the ragdoll.