Best Nvidia Rust Drivers

I have low fps problems on a Nvidia 580m. If anyone else is getting decent fps on a nvidia card please post your driver version here.

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currently using 326.41

I’m using 331.40 but I have the desktop 580 not the mobile. What CPU do you have.

GTX Titan (x2) can’t remember which driver, but I have no issues playing, save for random fps drops.

i7 2860QM

Try using Opera, and go to Nvidia control painel and change the main GPU for the Opera.

Like Ghuton said make sure its using the Nvidia card because it also has intel hd 3000 which usually runs for most browers to save power or something like that.

too :dance:

using 2 gtx titan with 331.40 works perfect, but sometimes when you run every 10 steps you notice a short break, maybe its a little bug with unity and firefox ^^

Yeah, I think so, because that’s exactly what I am getting. Those two cards are real nice to me, so I am sure it’s unity related. @OP, play around with some settings, see if you can allocate more memory to your browser.

Rich fullas, I only have a gtx 560

No problems with GTX 760, 327.23