best of tools, addons, etc?

I am playing normal gmod, since 13 is being a derp.

What are your recommendations for tools, models, etc for download?

I have not played LAN in a while, and I want to show gmod to my friend who just bought it. We mostly want to make redonk vehicles and flying contraptions, among whatever else.

Thanks all! (sry if there is already a sticky or something on this, I am fairly new to this forum)

“Normal gmod”, what? Garry’s Mod 13 is just as normal as Garry’s Mod 12…

By normal I meant the one that currently is not in beta, 12. My beta is having problems where my menus wont show up, so I am not using it.

Not the point really, I am just looking for some good addons and things for the game. Last time I searched for stuff was in 2010/2009, and it’s all missing, outdated, or does not work, so I have no idea what is recommended right now.

Also, I don’t want to set up SVN’s (not the point of the thread) I just want to drag and drop for the most part.

A lot of the useful/popular addons use SVN these days, it’s right click and copy + paste for the most part.

Hm, I guess I can make a short list.


Dan’s SNPC Pack - Adds a bunch of NPCs to the game. 361MB unpacked.
GDCW SWEPS (SVN) - Adds a ton of new weapons. 1.24GB unpacked.
NPC Groups - Lets you spawn armed groups of NPCs. <1MB unpacked.
Nuke Pack 4 - Adds nukes. 1MB unpacked.
Rollerpilot v2 - Lets you play as a rollermine. <1MB unpacked.
SCars+Extra - Adds a ton of new vehicles. 700MB unpacked (328MB without extra)
SharpeYe (SVN) - New HUD/vision options. 9MB unpacked.
Skyrim Dragons - Adds a bunch of TES V: Skyrim dragon NPCs. 43MB unpacked.
UMB Modern Weapons - Adds a ton of new weapons. I prefer GDCW. 152MB unpacked.


rp_mecklenburg (300MB map)
—(Useful RP maps and whatnot below)—

There’s a ton more, this is just coming from what I currently have installed. I’d also suggest getting Wiremod and the Gravity Hull Designator (if it still works) for construction stuff.

SmartSnap, or however it is called. VITAL for accurate building

Precision alignment is also a good choice.

To be honest it’s the first time I hear of it. But even then, I haven’t played GMOD in ages

If you’re going to be building mobile, flying fortresses you might as well get the Gravity Hull Designator tool.