Best official server?

Sorry this prop get posted a lot, but on your experience, what is the best EU/NA server? If you can get 1 out of both would be nice, if you experienced both regions,
Also Has To be populated like +100 since maps are damn big,

Thanks :slight_smile:

If a majority of the community are to be believed, none of them. Mostly due to how the official servers are unmoderated and as such usually prone to cheaters running so called “hacks”.

I haven’t really played much Rust myself lately, so I can’t really recommend a server period. Also, it could be seen as advertising a server, which is frowned upon here.

I’m not a mod but I suspect discussing official servers is probably not going to earn you trouble under the server advertising rule. The rule is to cut down on spammy threads, after all, not prohibit all discussion of servers period, and official ones are either run by or hand-picked by the devs (not counting any faketagged servers that shouldn’t be in the Official tab).

Oh, I’m well aware. I was more so implying that recommending a non official might be seen as advertising it.

Considering the topic is “Best official server?” that’s entirely on them for being unable to read the title of the thread they clicked on, much less the sticky. :v:

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i know that, which is why i’m asking for an official server not a community run server.

Basicly all of them Suck go for an Community server