Best OS for Garry's Mod server

Hi everyone,

So I’m currently hosting my server on a Vultr 1 core cpu running Ubuntu 16.10 (14 and money is tight besides doing jobs on ScriptFodder). Anyway, I’m wondering is Ubuntu still a good choice or should I maybe switch to a different distribution or even switch to Windows. I’ve hear Linux is better with memory management so thats why I’ve chose Linux ATM along with Ubuntu since I’m familiar with it the most.


I always hear server owners say

Linux > windows
so I wouldn’t recommend windows

Windows has a filesystem that is case incentive, add on to that the fact that most developers use windows, you get addons that don’t always work on Linux immediately. So basically, if you got the full mile, go linux, otherwise go windows.

It really depends on your needs. Linux is faster by design, but most modders don’t test their stuff on linux first, if ever. Additionally, some modules only have binaries for windows (gm_navigate) which might force you into one or the other.

As a rule of thumb, use linux where you can, use windows if you’re forced to.

Ok, so I should probably stick with linux. But should I also stick with Ubuntu 16.10 or should I switch to a different distribution? I know a Lua code so addons that work with windows only (Not including C++) should be an easy fix for me.

Linux also has file systems that are case insensitive. Ext4 isn’t the only file system Linux supports and if you really wanted to you can even use FAT or NTFS.

Ubuntu 16.04 is preferable since it’s supported for five years rather than 9 months.

Linux is preferable for the server,

but additionally I’d like to point out that for the client, Windows performs better. It takes about 5 times as long for me to download workshop items under Linux when joining a server for some unknown reason when compared with Windows in a VM running on top of Linux.

Had my server on a Linux for a week, it ran like shit so I moved it back to windows and it ran fine again. Then again my server has a lot of Npc handling on it so that might be why.

SRCDS will typically run slightly better on windows however you will be able to host less servers on one machine, you will pay more and ddos protection will get much more complicated. Unless you don’t mind under loading your machine, paying more and finding some place that handles ddos for you and ideally allows custom ACL rules linux is a better choice. If all you can afford is a $5 VPS from Vultr then I don’t know why you’d even ask because running windows would quadruple what you pay right now.

How about the ~8- 9 VPS option from NFOservers?

The monthly fee for the Windows license would add about $25.

run it on bios

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