Best Pack?

What would be the best pack to buy that includes HL2 stuff, and DoD? I have CSS and TF2. I would buy orange box but it already has TF2… Any suggestions? I need DoD, and HL2, Mostly all of the HL2, so I can see everything in Gmod. I don’t need Zeno clash or Portal, not looking to buy those games. Only HL2 and DoD to see most of the stuff I dont see.

My best idea for now are:

the £19 Pack HL2, and DoD Source, for £6

I believe you can already see all HL2 things, even if you don’t have the game. The only other HL2 game worth getting is Episode 2, and you get that from Orange box if I remember correctly.

DoD’s the only one you’d need really, and even that is of questionable usefulness in terms of maps etc.

No, I don’t think he has Ep2, which is fairly commonly used in maps. There are a few props from it, but not really any of note.

DoD has some decent SWeps, but I haven’t seen any content from it outside of those custom packs. Ever.

Alright. Then what about these packages…

£14 (£13.99) for HL2:Episode Pack. Includes EP1, EP2, and HL2:DM.
£6 (£5.99) for Deay of Defeat: Source.

Anyone have better ideas?

I’ve never had a problem with not having DoD.
I don’t have it and have played Garry’s Mod every day for several years, and only seen errors because of it once.

I guess I was talking more about how DoD’s a really fun game and the Gmod content is a bonus.

I whould suggest the Orange Box.
The HL2 series is used alot and Portal and Teamfortress 2 aswell. But Day of Defeat is really rare to see in a server

Didn’t read the OP?

He has all HL2 games but Ep2, he has TF2 and he doesn’t want Portal.

Buy orange box, you get a tf2 gift which you can give / sell to friends / online


Portal is a great game!

Is selling games on Steam you bought legal? :S

I dont think it is…but idk if its just me but i hate seeing errors…so i just slowly got all of the basic games…there is a lot of good dod stuff for gmod…if your into building or making comics…

Yeah, im not just getting it for Gmod, but to try the game itself. I have played HL before, and its kinda cool. It was HL1 or something, I think lol.

Dunno about TF2 thought. Im not sure if I should buy it, but on the bright side it’s only £16 for like 4 games. Anyone know anybody who would like TF2 for… urm… £10? xD

EDIT: Nevermind!

"May I Buy, Sell or Trade my extra copies?

No. This violates the Steam Subscriber Agreement and may result in all involved Steam accounts becoming permanently disabled."

Like I said…and you should buy tf2, its really fun, plus there is alot of stuff out there to make it even better…skins, models…and so on…

I already have TF2… Read.


Already bought it. Thanks for your opinions anyway. Oh and I didnt get TF2 gift, it just didnt add to the package. Althought I still paid original price