Best Payed Host [Help!]

Side Note:
Hello, I’m hoping somebody here could help me find a Garry’s mod payed server host, only problem is that I’m very picky and very specific as to what I want. The reason for being picky on the server decision is because I value my community too much to give them second best.

Price Range
Flexible depending on the services being provided

**Setup: **
Server Type: Garry’s Mod
Slots: 40+
Tick: 66

100+ Mbps Up/Down link
DDoS resilient Network
FastDL Capablity - Done Automatically by host PREFERRED
Unlimited Bandwith

Dedicated Resources (NOT shared)
Unlimited Disk space

TCAdmin -* Or other online control panel*

Competitive pricing
Reliable Customer Support

** Servers listed have already been viewed and incompatible with our requirements**
Absolute Hosting
Art of War Central
WYD Servers
DediFrag Servers
Dragon Game Servers
Equal Hosting
Fluctis Hosting Hosting
Gaming Deluxe
HC - Hosting
Mammoth Games
Mister Creeper
Ultimate Game Host
UltimateGameServer INC.
UK Game Servers
ViTi Network
Wolf Servers
Xenon Servers

You’re contradicting yourself. you make it look like you want a normal gameserver, but than you say you want it to have dedicated hardware, so you actually want a dedicated server. Or are you looking for a dedicated cpu core? Cause it would get really expensive considering you’d need two cores and you want to run that many players. (yes, srcds isn’t multithreaded, but it does use 2 cores, one for networking and one for the server itself)
What gamemode are you going to host?
Might I know why Fluctis is incompatible?
Custom quotes can be made you know.

100+ Mbps Up/Down link
DDoS resilient Network

Uh… saturated line?

Get a dedicated server.

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Or chill down on your requirements.

Uk or USA?

Also theres no such thing as “Unlimited Disk space”.

So you’re after a dedicated box with managed hosting prices?

Aint happening.

There’s no need for a 100+ Mbps connection
Almost any host with a little sense has some kind of DoS protection, and offers certain DDoS protections.
TCAdmin is like $15 a month for a license, no biggie.
There’s no such thing as Unlimited disk space, however I doubt you’ll use more than ~50GB anyways.
“Automatic FastDL” is simple to setup, no biggie either.

All in all; Get a dedicated box. Nothing fancy, just a lot of horsepower.
Server Type: Garry’s Mod
Slots: 40
Tick: 100
Price:$27.50 USD

Pricing Chart

If you get a Dedicated server, for your sake, get a Gbit connection. You’ll soon understand why when you have a popular server.

Next time try reading the OP.

Really just Read…

• Automatic Mod Installer
• Automatic SVN Updater
• Up to 100 Tick
• No Branding
• Dedicated IP
• Free MySQL Database
• Clan Pay Donation system
• Free sv_downloadurl Hosting
• Orange Box, Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source Content

How ironic of you.

Thats what Xenon says, that’s not what he wants, like I said, try reading the OP before you post.

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I’ll slow it down a bit, thnx for the tip. It pauses when you go over it with your mouse btw.

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Cool, that is a really nice looking site by the way :slight_smile:

I’m open minded to all types of hosting, MUST be located in the united states. But DDOS protection and Outstanding customer support is a must.

To be honest, you seem to be asking for “DDoS protection” like it’s a buzzword. It’s extremely difficult to defend against a distributed denial of service attack since the network would be flooded from loads of different addresses, which would look similar to gameserver traffic. As far as I know you’d need a host with some pretty hefty networking to be able to inspect and intercept DDoS traffic. DoS on the other hand you can just deal with because it’s from one IP.

Even then if they’re flooding with UDP traffic, it’s even harder because if that host hosts a certain game they’re using to flood the server (not mentioning any names) then they can’t really block it.