Best place the host a gmod server?

Hey im planing to host a server this friday and i dont know where to host… i tried and it was not that great… well i live in denmark and looking for a host located in eu or somewhere close :slight_smile: can you help

ElpisHost, hands down.

Warbawz is an extremely reliable hoster.



It’s a bit fishy that you sign up for an account today, and your first post is promoting a webhost.

They don’t even host in EU so it’s pretty irrelevant.

Thanks for the repond guys, thin i try elpsishost :slight_smile:

I’ve had good results with Elpishost, though this month we’ve had a few problems that have kept us from fully enjoying the server. My partner has decided to switch to Fragnet servers, and it seems to run just as well as our Elpishost server.

I’ve also heard that NFO Servers are supposed to be pretty reliable.

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Also hi and nice to meet you evil twin.

Elpishost, especially now they have servers in Europe.

Sorry for being slightly sketchy. I’m new to the community, was looking for gmod servers to play on and happened to stumble upon this. I was just going through and saying who I hosted with and that they are very good and affordable.

Can you PM me and let me know what problems you had? If it’s something I can change, I’ll be happy to do so :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to have any troubles with Vilayer. Though I hear all sorts of bad things, I’ve had 6 servers with them over the past year and not had a single issue.

I quite like them, but I do hear a lot of bad things. Never had troubles my self, though (at least nothing that wasn’t fixed within a few hours).

Vilayer: I’ve had two servers with them. They were a bit laggy. Maybe the machines are overloaded?
Elpis: No experience, but don’t they use Linux? I’ve had a few bad experiences hosting Gmod on Linux.
NFo: Been using NFO for over a year now. I’ve got 5 servers with them now. No complaints at all. They’re worth every penny.

Nothing wrong with Linux other then incompatibility with a few gamemodes that have closed source modules such as Clockwork. If the gamemode/addon does have compatibility issues that are LUA related we can fix them for you at no charge if you open a ticket.

The only issue Linux really has is developer ignorance. I don’t know how many issues I’ve seen where developers use weird file casing in files, folder paths, and then scripts to send clients the content.

I have had a 4 core VPS with NFO for about 2 months now not a single complaint.

As for Elpis I like them I just went with NFO before I seen Elpis.

most say that i love elpishost now ^^ got a server at their place, just great support! no lag everything works

Splendid! Welcome to the bright side of the planet!