Best place to keep your key

When I leave my base, I take my key and put it here until I return, of course if I die, I still have a duplicate in my base to get out and if I get a sleeping bag glitch and cant spawn inside, I go to the lantern to get in and kill my sleeping body on my bag


Good idea, but i think on servers with 200+ people it will find easy :stuck_out_tongue:

They’d have to figure out which house it goes to though.

I hid this key on Facepunch Seattle, been like 10 hours, and its still there lol

I hope Key & Lock are Tier 1.

Playing in groups is rough with Keys.

We need the combination lock back! At least for the next tier up.

But… But you’re a phone company.

Should have the ability to kiester the key up your ass, and it only drops out if they harvest your body for meat.

Making condoms from natural harvested Rubber.

I like it.

The Key system is pretty horrible if you ask me. Sure if you have 1 door maybe 2 a key might be fine, what if you have 20 doors with locks oh wait you cant your inventory is full …

Never mind if you die an you cant find your body your basically effed.

But ya key’s suck, we need a better system like the pass codes or a key/passcode combo so if you lose it you can still get in.

I’m more interested in the serial killer guy getting off from animal violence.

BEST place to keep your key - UNDER YOUR FOUNDATION IN WOOD STORAGE!!! IF you die you respawn on sleeping bag under your foundation DONT MOOVE only loot your WOOD STORAGE, take a key DO DUBLICATE AND you are home. THATS PLACE NEVER FIND. ITS BUG OR EXPLOIT couse if you have 2 wood storage 1 under foundation other near you can keep your loot under foundation.

Shhh… don’t tell everyone! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so you put a sleeping bag and a wood storage down before you build the foundation?

the foundation thing is not new. i wonder if it will be phased out as experimental goes on, or kept in because everyone can do it:)

lantern is a good small container, but the small stash will probably be more resource efficient when it is put in.


this is good yes BUT if you cant get the key because of something (someone build his house there or anyone find the key…) you will NEVER get back in your house

Wood storage no longer will go under a foundation. They pop to surface level one you place the foundation.