Best Place to Start Lua.

Well, I thought about it and I want to start coding for Garry’s Mod. Only problem is that I have no Lua experience, or any language for that matter. I know it will be difficult to learn my first language, but is it better to start at the Garry’s Mod wiki, or at some other Lua website? If it is at the wiki can you give me a link the the best place to start in the wiki (no not the Lua wiki homepage).

Thank you!


for Garry’s Mod specific functions/alterations.

10 Dolla i teach you fo eva!

only works if you know how to code in the first place

The wiki taught me how… The tuts.

are really basic

Isn’t that the point?

If you want more advanced coding, I would recommend looking at other gamemodes and addons for ideas and such.

because, that TOTALLY explains how they work. the comments tell you what the functions do, if it’s made well, but it doesn’t teach anyone how they work.

If you want my advice, guess. just look for shit that looks right and guess.