Best places to build your house

Just wondering people’s thoughts on the safest places to build. It’s a given that you shouldn’t build near spawn points but what about beyond that.

Does anyone prefer to build in a forest, in the rocks, along the coast?

I have good experience to build on the coast or mountains.
But there is no ,perfect, Position to build.
You hace to check how many ppl are on the Server.If only 10 are there,you can build safe away from the Road.
Earlier or later,one player find your home and raid you.So i build near to the coast between some Rocks and build a max. of 3x3.
Bigger House is a bigger chance to be raidable

Honestly the best place I’ve found is anywhere that is not close to where people spawn or not immediately visible, some people do actually build near the coast and it seems to work out for them

I would imagine the rocks would provide good cover

There are areas off the coast (that usually have a nice rolling hill down to the water) where you can “hide” your home. Most of the time the resources are slim in these areas, either by accident or design, so you have to go further out to get stuff, which means you risk getting wacked on your way home. If countered this with outbuildings. Little one square units with metal doors. Used for nothing else but to hold the resources for me on a long run.( I deposit a few nodes worth while i wait for respawn). Then I take them all home under cover of darkness. It works out most of the time, to say I havent been killed at night on my way home would be a lie.

Places to stay away from… anything with a spawned crate or high resource rich areas (its the first place everyone goes)

You can hide a 1x1 in many places among the rocks. Just get it as hidden as possible. The guys who build right next to the Rad zones or right on the road will be raided daily…

Hide a house in the rocks up by the coast :slight_smile: people will still find it just put a spiked wall most won’t even come near. Anyone who goes near is usually just looking for a nice house location anyway.

I personally like the plain open field right below the huge mountain next to the road, alot of resources and a clear field to see who is approaching your base.

Snap, its not the people who come to your house when your online that you have to worry about…its when you are offline. =)

My personal favorites are rocks and mountains because they provide alot of cover so you can just keep your fireplace and furnace lit all night and noone’s gonna notice and it happened to me only one time that someone stumbled upon my house up in mountains and then shotgunned my face

The problem I had on a busy server being in the mountains was before all the rocks and fall damage were added. You run slower up the inclines and they had a perfect line of sight to shoot me in the back. Havent tried the mountains with the added rock cover though.

i just build a 3x3 home and about 3 or so stories up. place a wooden doorway at every spot you can, have a fake set or two of stairs and one real one to go to the next floor and repeat. also place foundations all around house the best you can and place pillars in it, i place walls around them to so they will hopefully try to blow in through the wall and waste a c4. it so they end up using all their c4 before they even get to the second floor is the key imo.