Best possible settings for garry's mod.

Title says it all, was just wondering whats the best settings I can have for gmod.

Don’t worry, my computer can handle it at high FPS.

Put everything on highest? v:v:v

Post your computer specs, pretty hard to tell otherwise.

Bit of a blunt question, but yeah post specs.

Windows 7 ultimate
i7 920
GTS 250 1GB gcard
24" Screen.

I’m lazy, so I posted most of it.

This is what I currently have, but i’m only running it at 1280x1024, its annoying because its a small window compared to my resolution.

Set the resolution to 1920x1080 then

Why did this even need a thread it’s common sense.

That’s a widescreen setting. OP is as high as it’ll go.

It won’t set to 1920x1080, the max is available is 1280x1024

You can’t put it any higher, because you have a fullscreen monitor. Sorry.

Ah, thanks for the help anyway.

Nevermind, I set my aspect ratio to 16:9, I got the resolution I was after.